Basket Weave Coil

Assembly of the Hendershot basket weave Power Capture Unit.

The "Power Capture Unit" consists of a basket weave coil around a specially wrapped Capacitor positioned in the center of the basket weave coils. The specially wrapped capacitors were made from Pyramids TM 58 or a suitable substitute type trimmed to size. Coils are identical in construction so only one will be described.  

The coil is cylindrical, 5-15/16 diameter (See Fig 2). It is wound like a basket around fifty seven '1/8 in. diameter wood dowel pins three inches long. The dowel pins are evenly spaced on the circumference of the circle. All coils are wound in the same direction, weaving in and out between dowel pins mounted in the same type base to hold them rigid. Starting at the base, L3 is 64 turns on No. 24 gauge copper enamel or Formvar wound. Ll and L2 is Belden thermo-plastic hookup wire No. 2O gauge, a foot spool is required for each coil L! and L'-. The 25 feet will end up with 12 turns each wound in the same fashion. Hendershot always used Ll red and L2 yellow for easy identification.  L4 is made from No. 18 gauge copper enamel coated or Formvar magnet wire. 14 turns close wound over the outside diameter of L3 in the center of L3 plastic electrical tape is wrapped around L3 to form a smooth surface for winding, after winding the 14 turns. Wrap additional tape to hold L4 in place.